Construction Workers
Hotel Staff with Towels
Construction Management
Railway Worker
Country Style Kitchen
Hotel Room
Masonry Installation Services
Minimalistic Kitchen
Messy Bed
Bricks and Mortar
Mahogany Kitchen
Hotel bed pillows
Retro Shelf with Ornaments
Hotel Bathroom
House Painting
Street Pavement
Construction Site
Stone and Brick Recycling


Thank you for deciding to apply for this position.
If selected, we will be more than proud to be part of our team.




  • The hourly rate starts at $ 10.00 per regular hour (depends on work). After 40 hours of work per week will charge a time and a half (From $ 15.00 per hour). You will receive BI-WEEKLY payments (every 2 weeks)

  • You can regularly work up to 40-55 hours per week.

  • Being a legal work we will only deduct from your check what is required by law, the rest is yours.

  • We have different openings:

    • Hospitality (Housekeeping, Maintenance, Engineering) 
      (Starting at $10
      .00 per regular hour | $15 per overtime hour)

    • Store Clerks/ Customer Service
      (Starting at
      $10.00 per regular hour | $15 per overtime hour)

    • Drivers
      (Starting at $10.00 per regular hour | $15 per overtime hour)

    • Pipe Layers Assistants
      (Starting at  
      $12 per regular hour | $18 per overtime hour)

    • Grinder/Finishers
      (Starting at  $14 per regular hour | $21 per overtime hour)

    • Instaladores de topes de cocinas "countertops" (granito y mármol) 
      (Starting at  $12 per regular hour | $18 per overtime hour)

    • Construcción (trabajos con concreto residencial o comercial)
      (Starting at
      $14 per regular hour | $21 per overtime hour)

    •  Earthmoving and Heavy Equipment Operators 
      (Starting at
      $14 per regular hour | $21 per overtime hour)

  • You must be 18 years old or older to apply for this job.

  • You must pass drug test exams and a background check.

  • You will have the opportunity to do your normal life and do entertainment activities such as going to the movies, going shopping, doing exercises in the gym, going to night activities.

  • Roundtrip air tickets to Utah are FREE, as long as you honor your contract.

  • The housing is FREE for employees for all the time you work with us.

  • The WATER and ELECTRICITY utilities are also FREE.

  • You can transport yourself in UBER, or other means of transport (public transport, bicycle, vehicle, etc.) to work. The work is approximately one (1) to five (5) miles from the apartment.

If you agree with these most important details of employment

Please continue with your request.

If you fill out our application you will receive a phone call from our recruiters at UTAH, so you will receive a call with an area code (385). Please accept the call, since it is a recruiter of ours calling you for an interview. If you do not receive a call within the next 3 to 5 days, please call us at 787-225-3187. Success!